Tro Quality

In today's market, product quality is of paramount importance. At Tro, our entire management takes the production of a perfect part very seriously. Since this is a "family" business it is a matter of honor.
Tro is ISO TS 16949 certified, and is working on ISO 14001 Enviromental certification.  We are a Preferred stamping supplier to Robert Bosch Corporation, and are a Strategic Preferred Supplier to Continental Teves.

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Every employee at Tro receives quality related training, and every employee has the ability to stop production or shipment if they feel there is a problem. Additionally, Tro has a quality control department with well trained and certified inspectors.
This focus on quality resulted in 26 consecutive months of Zero PPM shipments to Bosch braking systems from 1/1/1996 to 12/1/1998. In that same time period we had 33 total months of zero PPM. This particular customer takes 23 different parts at a rate of about 1,200,000 pieces a month
Tro uses state of the art measuring equipment, including a manual and a Servo-driven CMM, Eddymag plating thickness testers, Rockwell testers, and ultrasonic measuring equipment.

This is in addition to standard equipment such as micrometers, dial indicators, height gauges and surface plates.

Our quality systems requires incoming inspection on all raw material, purchased goods and customer supplied product. There is also a first piece, last piece and in process inspections for every single labor operation. Finally, there is a final inspection conducted immediately before shipment.

This is all driven by two things:
1. Active use of SPC to determine if a given process is in control and to identify trends.
2. Failure mode effects analysis (FMEA), Control plans and flow charts

These last 3 are living documents that are constantly updated to reflect the current process and customer requirements.

A typical initial sample submission packet consists of a complete layout with a numbered print, FMEA, Control plan, Process flow chart, SPC charts on customer and Tro designated critical characteristics, raw material certifications, and any other documents the specific customer may require.

Our quality system is designed to ensure zero defects.