TRO Manufacturing

Tro Manufacturing is a full-service stamping facility. We have extensive experience with, and capabilities for: Line, Progressive, Compound and Transfer dies. Deep draw work, Multi-tool stamping operations, in-die tapping and off-line secondary operations and assembly are all possible.
Our traditional punch presses range from 45 to 1000 tons, with bed sizes up to 204 " by 60 ". Tro also has 5 dedicated transfer presses; a 200 ton Aida 3 axis mechanical transfer press, and 250 Ton, 300 Ton, 600 Ton, and 1000 Ton advanced 3-axis servomoter controlled transfer presses.
These are some of the most technically advanced presses in the world, and are fully computer controlled, allowing almost instantaneous reconfiguration from job to job, as well as infinite adjustment within a job.
All of our presses and tools are configured for rapid die change, some utilizing hydraulic ball lifters and clamping systems, others with uniform height quick mechanical clamping systems.

Our secondary and assembly capabilities include welding, tapping, and spin riveting. In addition we have and will purchase special machinery if a job requires it. Some examples include: dedicated automated tapping machines, automatic weld-nut feeders, pressure testers, and specialized assembly equipment

We also have available and will coordinate outside services such as Plating, E-coating, deburring, and heat treating.

Tro manufacturing is the right choice for your needs, from raw material through finished parts.