TRO Engineering

Have you heard the terms "value added", "engineering cost savings", "design for manufacturability" and "simultaneous design"?
Have you ever met anyone who could actually do it?
Welcome to Tro Manufacturing. We have a proven track record in engineering service.

Some of the highlights are:

In 1994 a high volume automotive customer realized a 13% cost reduction on a mature product after approving a Tro design and process change.

In 1996 a clean sheet design we participated in saved almost 20% up front based upon Tro material suggestions.

In 1996, less than 6 weeks before product launch, a Chrysler crash test on a production part from a just completed production tool revealed a potential engine compartment interference that required a completely different part design. Working with our customer, Tro's engineers helped design a new part, and then, literally working around the clock we designed, built and sampled a complete progressive die in time to meet the product launch.

In 1997 a Japanese transplant brake and suspension manufacturer chose Tro to produce 6 of the 9 major stampings for a brand new product in a brand new market while meeting extreme cost requirements.

In 1998 Tro simultaneously Prototyped, designed and built parts and tooling for 11 of 17 major stampings on 3 new projects. The original customer time line was for 3 years to complete these projects. That timeline changed, and Tro completed these projects in under a year.

Recently, an innovative transfer tool design involving a part turnover station allowed a new customer to realize a 40% price discount on a high volume part that had been running at another supplier.
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